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September 11, 2010


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Awesome pictures! I'm surprised Ben didn't write in "rox" as an alternative option on his assignment.


Hey Lia -- I took ZERO pictures yesterday. So no matter how many you took, you still did better than me. And dirty dishes....Such is life. Have a great weekend! (I'm so glad you're back to blogging).


I like your freshly covered greys.

Six on ten ain't too shabby. I like yours, dirty dishes and all.

Miss you.


I absolutely hate it when all the dishes don't fit in the dishwasher!


haha...you almost made it! i love that your little guy is looking through the joann's flyer, too funny. and wait-what's wrong with your sink? that's kinda what mine looks like a lot! happy 6 on 10!


i've also got a full sink right now.
love that you did six instead of ten.
i keep wanting to do the 10 on 10 and forgetting altogether.


Yep, my kitchen looks the same right now!

. tiny twist creative .

This is the third month I've wanted to do 10 on 10 and forgot. I love your 6 on 10. :-) I love that picture of max looking at the Joann's flyer. :-) Our sink is stacked full of dishes more than half the time. Between that and the washing machine... there is always a pile of clothes being washed or a stack of dishes needing done.


love your six!

i color my hair at home too. sometimes i feel like a tightwad when i see other people paying big money for a cut and color but oh well, i AM a tight wad. plus, i always have to snicker when someone tells me they always thought i was a natural red head. BWAH HA HA HA.

since im reading this thirteen days after the original posting, i hope the dishes still arent in the sink. :

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