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January 06, 2011


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i love you crazy girl!!!


I love your posts Lia (don't stop), you make me laugh. Congrats, 25lbs is a lot! My hubby does cross-fit. I've tried it with him and it seriously kicks my butt with tears of soreness the next day. I'm a runner though, love it more than any other kind of work out.
Congrats on your 100th post too!


Holy Cow- 25 lbs! You ARE a bad ass! I bought P90X like an idiot and it sits in my craft room. Still in the box. So you inspire me!

I know how it feels to lose interest in blogging but I am glad you are keeping it up, at least for now.

ANy posts you do on how you have managed to improve organization and keep things tidy would be appreciated. I have not figured this out yet.


Congrats on 25 lbs, that's awesome! I need to get back on that horse since my lost pounds have started finding me.
Organizing & using time wisely, I SUCK at that.
Happy New Year!


Well, I for one, miss you when you're not around the old blog....But LIFE is more important. So, you do whatever it is that makes you happy. And I'm in awe of your weight loss -- great job.


Proud of you!!!! You've made the choices that are best for you and your peeps. And that's what's important.

Blogging is work. Especially the commenting and such. Some days I just can't. I do a lot of commenting on my phone.

I'm going to be slowing down the posts. The Move will make January a clusterf*#@k. And then I've GOT to get some workouts in.

I've heard excellent things about Crosfit. Go you.


I know *exactly* what you mean about feeling overwhelmed by blogs - writing, reading, commenting, etc. Sometimes after declaring a Blog BBreak I come back rejuvenated (sometimes I realize that I just need a longer break). :-)

PS - Congrats on the weight loss!!! Amazing job!


You rock. 25 pounds! That is a huge accomplishment!

P.S. I love your blog.


your comments freakin' crack. me. up.


wow, I want to be a bad-ass! And yes, the computer sucks the soul right away sometimes.


Wow! 25 lbs! That is a lot, congrats to you!
My oldest daughter has lost about the same. It is a lot of hard work and commitment. I am "trying" to be better about keeping up the ol' exercise routine. I know I felt better when I stuck with it!
I agree with you that the blogging world (& Facebook) can be hard to keep up with at times. We each need to do what is best for our mental & physical health. Your family will be much happier when you are happy too! :)


Come back, come back!


hopin' for a new post. ;-)

urban craft

25 lbs! That's wonderful! All the stuff you have been up to I would hardly say is boring.
Keep it up! I wish I was as organized as you.


Wow, congrats on your weight loss. I can totally relate to you taking time off from other's blogs. I have too, and sometimes it is acutally better for my mental health too. Not comparing/trying to keep up with/thinking I could do better than I am, and all that blah stuff... In addition to all the free time you gain :)


thank you for visiting my blog!

and i try to take a day a week where i am computer free and i find that i get so much done, and i'm refreshed... cause i know how you can totally whittle away the hours by reading other blogs!

you have great posts - don't stop!


Lia, I've read this post several times and am just now getting it together to officially "comment," ahem. I love hearing from you from time to time over on my little speck of blogosphere and can see I've missed a heck of a lot in my can't-keep-up-ness (which I see you relate to) -- namely, 25 pounds -- that is serious! I am impressed and a tad envious and would just love to know how you did it. What's the magic, and how can I get some? As for taking time off the blogs, I agree it can get totally overwhelming. When it starts to feel like work, that's when I know I need to step back for a spell. Usually I'm able to come back at some point with renewed energy and whatnot, though admittedly even that has been hard won lately. But, we do what we can. You were one of the first blogs I read regularly when I started blogging myself, and it makes me happy just to know you're still "there." Be well, I'll be following along steadily as you go. :)

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