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February 06, 2011


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love your creations. coffee/tea cozy and dog collar are on my to-make list as well.


I LOVE her collar! I simply must learn how to operate a sewing machine.


Hooray for your creations! I think my dog would just LOVE a new collar :-)

And double-hooray for a snow-bound state! Here in Austin everything screeeeeched to a halt (except for the children playing in the snow and me, adding more wood to my fireplace).


I love the fabrics you used on both of your creations. So fun, and that snow day... what a fun day! :-) I didn't realize you paid for typepad. I guess I've never looked much into that... perhaps you could transfer over to blogger?! There is a post came across recently, for it... although it could be a mighty pain. http://www.blogsbyheather.com/2010/12/blog-transfer-from-typepadwordpress-to-blogger.html


Love 'em.

My kids are so jealous of your snow. Ice just didn't have the same allure. I could care less. I enjoyed my sedative. ;-)


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