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February 07, 2011


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LOVE the pillows! I have a *thing* for houses ... so I might be drooling just a bit right now. The repurposed sweater is just great, too.

And your sofa. Oh my gosh! I would be there 24/7! Adore!


The pillows look awesome, I love that you repurposed the sweater and scarf. They are the perfect addition!


i LOVE them the stripeys are my fave but the house is awesome too.


Look at you go! Snow days serve you well. Imagine what we could do if school were only 4 days per week. *sigh*

Cute all around. Very.


It's been a while since I've cut up old sweaters. You're making me want to grab my scissors. Of course, right now I'm kicking myself because I just hauled about 20 bags of old clothes -- including sweaters -- to the Salvation Army. I suppose I could go and buy them back.

I love the house -- you're right, it's satisfying just winging it.


cute!! way to go :)


I love using old sweaters like this too! Your cozy house pillow is awesome!


I love those stripes!

Robin Waak

Hey Lia! I found your blog through Dani's and I was reading a few posts when I saw that you CrossFit now! I LOVE CrossFit! You're right, it is awesome and you should feel like a bad ass because CrossFit is tough! Congrats on the 25 lbs. CrossFit will do that to you! :) Which CrossFit do you go to?


You're back...sort of! No wonder you've lost 25 pounds if you recommend shaved zucchini!

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